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I have shared some fairy garden ideas on my previous post and today I thought of sharing how to make a fairy house for your fairy garden. You can follow this simple steps to make your own fairy house with stones or pebbles from your garden.

Making a fairy house:

1. To make the house, I used a bag of stones I bought at the garden store. Most of the stones were about the size of a quarter. Using a hot glue gun, I glued them in a square shape and built the house. I then built up the front and back of the house in a triangle to support a roof. I left an open space for a front door. Hot glue cures so quickly that it was easy to build this. However, do be careful and make sure kids are not doing this step. It is easy to burn your fingers on that hot glue.

building a house of stones 

2. To the make the roof, I used small wooden craft sticks. I found these sticks to be very easy to work with since you can easily cut the sticks to the length you need with scissors. Again, an adult should do these steps, but I think you will find that your kids will love watching! Lay them side by side until you have enough sticks to fit the length of the house. Secure them together by gluing on a stick horizonatally, as shown.


3. Attach the roof to the house by using a hot glue and adhering to at the peak, and to any stones it may touch of the sides. Don’t worry if you have some gaps in the house between the walls and the roof, we’ll fix that later.

fairy garden house roof

4. Paint the roof dark brown or any color of your choice. This is a fun step for children to help with.

painting the roof

5. When the roof is dry, you can use smaller stones to fill in any gaps you may see. This is where you have to be very careful with the hot glue gun. After applying the hot glue to the small stones, you can pick them up with a pair of tweezers to place them so you fingertips won’t accidently touch that hot glue. Believe me, I am speaking from experience!

6. I added a bit of sheet moss to the roof. I just pulled some off of the sheet moss and glued it on.

moss on roof

7. To make a door, once again gather some small wooden craft sticks and place them side by side. I wanted my door to have a curved top so I staggered the sticks as shown. Once again, I held them all together by gluing a craft stick (which had been cut to length with scissors) horizontally across all the sticks. Once dry, the bottom was cut off blunt to make the door the proper height.

making the doormaking the door

8. The door was painted and a small pebble was glued on as a door knob. I then glued the door on the house, and filled in any gaps between the house and the door with small stones.

You can make a fairy garden using plastic bottles, cardboard, polymer clay or anything that you find magical. Here’s a link given below you can follow to learn how to make a fairy house using polymer clay.
I hope you’ll enjoy making your fairy house!!

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