Container Garden-“Thriller,Filler & Spiller” Concept|Space Gardening

When it comes to container gardening, you don’t have to be a professional garden designer to get professional quality results. In fact, you can have picture-perfect custom containers no matter what your experience level.


For container gardening and patio containers, one common way to start designing is to use the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” concept. This design technique utilizes three different types of plants to create well-rounded and upscale looking containers.



The Thriller is the show-stopping centerpiece of your container design. It adds height, drama, and movement. Thrillers can be flowers, ornamentals or even grasses, just as long as they are the focal point of your container garden arrangement.

If your container will be visible from all sides, place the Thriller in the center of your container for maximum impact. If your container will only be visible from one or more sides, place the Thriller toward the back of the container.

Some of our favorites include: Angelface Angelonia, Butterfly Argyranthemum, Graceful Grasses and Ornamental Grasses.




The Filler does exactly what its name implies – fills the space. It adds medium-height structure and color.

If your container will be visible from all sides, place Filler plants around the Thriller, keeping them toward the middle of your container. If your container will only be visible from one or more sides, place Fillers between the Thriller and the visible sides.

We love: Superbells Calibrachoa, Supertunia Petunia, Superbena Verbena and Diamond Frost Euphorbia.

snow princess k


The Spiller is a trailing plant that will drape over the edge of the container. It adds low-growing dimension and softens the edges of your container garden design.

Place Spiller plants around the outer edges of the container on all visible sides.

Great spillers include: Snowstorm Giant Snowflake Bacopa, Snow Princess Lobularia, and Sweet Caroline Ipomoea (Sweet Potato).

You can follow this video link to get a clear idea on the thriller, filler and spiller design technique.

Here’s some more container gardening ideas following the design technique “Thriller, Filler & Spiller” concept.









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