Fairy Garden From Broken Pots|Space Gardening



A new trend has been developing among gardeners – fairy gardens. These are tiny gardens filled with small beautiful plants, succulents, and decorative arrangements. However, more and more gardeners have begun to arrange these mini gardens in reused broken terracotta pots – and they look absolutely gorgeous!

To create such a fairy garden yourself, you’ll need some broken terracotta pots that you wish to recycle, a hammer, some decorative rocks, soil and, of course, succulents and plants. Put your soil in the pot and position your bits of broken pot, starting with the largest down to the smallest. You can make them smaller by breaking them with a hammer. Then, arrange the smaller pieces into small compositions, such as stairs or flowers.


Here are some more ideas on how to build a fairy garden using broken pots. I hope you’ll enjoy making one of these.































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