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Indoor gardening is fun and rewarding! Here I am going to share how to grow herbs and vegetables for your kitchen, and other indoor plants to decorate your home! Let’s unleash that inner gardener!

Are you a beginner gardener? Do you find all the info on the web daunting? I did too, but through my gardening adventure I’ve been building this site, writing articles and how-to in plain English so you can understand.

My Experience

Like you, I’m pretty new to the gardening game. The thing that got me interested in creating a garden indoors was cooking. There’s nothing better than a flavorsome meal with fresh herbs! I’ve been actively gardening for just under two years and really enjoying every moment of it.

Let’s Get Digging

There are lots of exciting things to learn about indoor gardening. It’s amazing how much you can grow indoors, and how creative you can be. There’s just so much more to it than popping a plant in a container and watering it! Here are a couple of things for you to get started with!


  • Creating a productive indoor vegetable garden: You can grow vegetables in container for your kitchen. And the fun part is you can grow them beside your kitchen window.
  • Getting full enjoyment out of an indoor herb garden: Herbs are another good choice for indoor gardening as they grow in small pot and in medium lights.
  • Alternative ways of gardening such as hydroponics and aeroponics: Hydroponics and aeroponics are another type of indoor gardening. I will discuss about it in my upcoming posts.
  • Fantastic indoor plants to brighten up your home: Many indoor plants such as pothos, mother-in-laws tongue, palm trees, etc. are good for your indoor environment. These plants are known as air purifying plants.
  • Terrariums, wonderful mini-greenhouses can make fantastic decorations for your home.

My indoor gardening journey of discovery has led me to discover so many different aspects to gardening indoors. I’ve learnt lots of useful tips and how to make a hanging planter to accent my balcony garden.

Beautiful flower pot framing house entrance

Beautiful flower pot framing house entrance

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