Small Space Garden|Space Gardening

Those who have small yard or live in an apartment can afford to make their own small garden. Small gardens need to be planned with as much, if not more, care than large ones, so take your time. Think about how you want to use your garden throughout the year; note where the sun falls during the day as this will dictate your seating and plant choices. In this article, I am going to share with you some ideas on small space garden.


1. Vertical Garden:A shoe organizer is a great way to build a vertical garden. Not only does this garden look great and save space, it helps to keep those critters and pets out of your herbs and vegetables. You just have to fill each of the shoe spaces with potting soil or compost and then add your plants. Be sure that you choose a place for your hanger that gets enough sunlight for the plants and if there is protection overhead from rain, you will need to water them occasionally as well.


2. Hanging Gutter Garden:Old guttering can be used to create a beautiful hanging garden. The amount of guttering that you will need depends on the size of the garden you want to plant. Gutter gardens allow you to take advantage of the vertical space around your yard so even if you don’t have much of a lawn, you can still grow flowers, herbs and vegetables. Just remember to choose a spot that gets a few hours of direct sunlight each day. Gutter gardens also provide a bit of a natural privacy fence or divider for your garden area.


3. Portable Container Garden: Container gardens are great because they are portable. If you need to move them, you can and without worrying about regrowing grass over your garden area. If you have a fence or deck, a colorful container garden is a great way to add a little beauty to the area and save space for your planting as well. Choose colorful bucket planters and simply hang them on your fencing or you could even hang them from windowsills and other areas around the home.


4. Tiered Garden: Tiered gardens are great for small spaces. If you only have minimal space for flowers or veggies, you can create a great tiered garden from a few terra cotta planters. Once stacked, you can just plant whatever you want in the planters and you have space for as many plants as you want depending on how many planters you use. You could use the plastic planters if you want but the terra cotta ones are a bit sturdier and will hold up for much longer. This is a great garden idea for annuals, particularly if you want something colorful on the porch.


5. Living Pallet Table: This pallet table is great and serves a dual purpose. Not only is it perfect for those outdoor get-togethers, it also serves as a planter. You just have to build the table and allow room in the center for your plants. If you are trying to decide between outdoor furniture and plants, you can just have both. The table is really easy to build and you can create a beautiful water garden in the center or fill it with soil and have small annual flowers or greenery growing there throughout the warmer months.

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